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This is where I put what? – Can I get an example?

So, I have decided to start a motivational blog (ok, informally & comically writing about whatever comes to mind & how we survive it, is more like it). And now you are here ~Shyte! I better get my rear in gear and start posting some content or you may not come back! Please wait… Don’t gooooooooooooooo


Ok, well if I made you chuckle a bit under your breath that counts as laugh in my book and now I expect that you will read on to see how far or deep I can get your belly rolling. Let’s laugh together as I share the who’s the what’s and the I don’t give a damn’s! Join us as we fumble, conquer & learn!

One moment & One step at a time we are growing as individuals and a family! We would like to motivate anyone in the midst of a struggle, or easing out of one and need that little pick me up. There is a positive in every negative ~ you just have to be willing to see it.

Oh disclosure: I am not kidding, when I say I have no idea what I am doing, I only know I have successfully survived one hundred percent of all trials. So, hold on the ride may get bumpy – at the least a pic or two might be upside down. Critiques are welcome and needed.


~Eternally optimistic!