10 Tips How To Make Your Rideshare Trip 5 Star

October 4, 2016

Being a ride-share operator & rider can be frustrating: Here are a few tips on how to minimize frustration and make it a 5-star experience on both ends.

 Riders please:

#1) Ensure that your pick-up address is correct – GPS pinpoints are not exact and more often than not they are incorrect. The driver is not able to make any changes to pick up address so if you enter it incorrectly and the driver is at your destination instead or your intended pick up place you have just inadvertently delayed getting picked up in a timely manner.

#2) Also be sure that if you live in an apartment or gated community that you provide specific information, building you would like to be picked up, gate code, meeting location: such as I will meet you at the management office in front or please come to east side of building #19.

#3) Safety first – it is not safe to pick riders up or drop them off at busy intersections. Allow a driver to pick you up from a legal parking space on the street or a parking lot nearest you. Hopping in and out of traffic is dangerous & we want you all to be safe.

#4) Mini-vans have automatic doors – allow the door to do the work for you. Do not pull, tug, yank, or slam auto doors this causes undo stress on the mechanical motor.

#5) Use your seat belt – this is a give in, it’s the law. If you are in a state with passenger backseat rider belt laws, please abide by them. Ensure that children are in required safety seats for their weight. Bring a seat, again it is the law.

#6) If your driver deserves a tip, then please tip them. There have been many misconceptions about one ride-share company that needs clarification: They have NEVER included tips in the price, they have never been required but are always appreciated!

#7) There is a hefty cleaning fee charged for messes made or damage caused by riders. Try not to throw up.

#8) Ride-share drivers are not taxi’s (they do not have to pass a topography test like cab drivers do) they are sometimes just your neighbors working part-time making extra cash to support their families, occasionally they are not from your area and may need help getting you to your destination. If you have a preferred route let your driver know at the beginning of the trip and then keep them updated throughout the route so the trip goes smoothly or you can allow the mapping service to get you to your destination.

#9) Unlike cab drivers, your ride-share host is that a host and needs to communicate with you at the beginning of the trip – allow them that few minutes to introduce themselves, confirm you are the correct rider & invite you to listen to your preferred music and ensure drop off location is correct. Put your call on hold, take out ear buds and pay attention to your host, they only want to help you get to your destination safely & at a reasonable price.

#10) Also rate and comment – constructive criticism always welcome but belligerent and hateful should be kept to yourself.

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