5 Low Budget High Impact Style Tips

May 3, 2017

ore often than not I don’t have the time nor the inclination to take what seems like an eternity to bump my style up a few notches. I can generally be seen in a tattered T-shirt and yoga pants – oh the blessings of working from the comfort of your own home. If a time arises where I really need to step it up, I’ll grab a crisp T-shirt and some nice mid casual black pants that fit just to the ankle and pair them with any strappy heel and voila! I’m dressed for a range of occasions in a myriad of settings or so I thought, man, was I wrong!

The amazing thing is I’ve been in this mode for years and was truly unaware of my lackadaisical style or missing “Umphhh” as my 13-year-old just blurted out as I was proofreading this section.

In a recent meeting that required me to leave the confines of my home office, I was struck by the immense feeling of lacking.  These three beautiful and polished professionals were like a beacon calling out to my subconscious to wake the frack up and add some Umphh back into my life!


I’ve been living the hermit’s life for many a moon in response to my embarrassment of our past homelessness bout. I’ve become a recluse and wasn’t aware of when it really took a hold of me. I notice now how my dread of negative events or the fear of them affects my well-being physically and emotionally. When I’m worried I revert into what I can only coin as a turtle. I imagine that I am using my slouchy baggy clothes as a protective shell shielding me from the predator in my midst. But unbeknownst to me, I am the predator! My negative thinking tricks me into believing that I am less than…

“Less than” what I’m not sure of maybe just everything. I am my own worst critic and I’ll preach non-perfection to anyone that will listen I send beacons of warnings of how nothing is perfect in this world all the while trying to seemingly take care of everything for everyone else.

Well, that’s done or more aptly a work in progress. So here are a few tips that will not break the bank and many can be found in a drawer at home tucked away or a resale shop for pennies on the dollar. 

Simple things like

#1) Adding a necklace or scarf.

#2) A belt added to any ensemble polishes the look by accentuating your middle, with an hour-glass shape.

#3) Manicured nails and I don’t mean to go out and get full Vampira glitter overlays. Just simply soak your hands at home, moisturize, shape nail tips gently with an emery board, gently push the cuticle back and apply base coat as directions on package instructs. You can find a polish and clear base and top coats on sale, clearance or at you general nothing more than a dollar store. If you would like to purchase beauty products, here is a personal fav #Affiliate link Any affiliate link is provided for your convenience and I may or will obtain a commission at no additional charge to you. Thank you for supporting Not So Sympl treasures. Shop Natural Hair Care at SallyBeauty.com!

#4) Having a go-to pair of leather black strappy heels or wedges is pertinent to catapulting your look to the glamour realm. Being leather ensures longer life if cared for properly, polishing and protectant applied every so often.

#5) A quick brush of mascara or swipe of eyeliner.

From drab to fab you’re looking good!

And my favorite part is it honestly only takes a few minutes to incorporate these tips to any outfit even jeans. Play with color and texture too, costume jewelry is great for achieving a fun playful vibrant look.

Most of all have fun.

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    I love your ideas! It is amazing how just a little bump in style can make you feel like a different person. I am experimenting with cutting up clothes that other people throw away and making them into something interesting to wear. They don’t all turn out great but it is fun to play around with and doesn’t cost much.

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      Syri Gerstner

      Thank you so much Kia. That’s exciting and fun, you are very talented to be able to make your clothing. Love they mingling of different items to turn them into new frocks😊

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