Accept The Void

September 15, 2016

What your brain presents to you as the logical best answer for any given issue may not be the most logical or best answer for where you are in your life. Now,  I have to confess that this can be very confusing!
We all know that we need education, employment, relationships, etc. but timing in this whirlwind universe has its own set of rules.
The cure to this mayhem in your brain is to stop, drop and roll as though your life depends on it. Release your ideals and accept the void. Yes that’s right accept that empty void of nothingness. Now, I’m sure that many of you are holding your hands up in disbelief exclaiming “What did she just say!?”
I said it and I meant it. Throw away all your thoughts about what you believe to be correct for your life in this moment. Breath in deeply and say I give up, I give up on trying to control the outcome of whatever may be going on. In that moment you will release the negatives – all of those negatives that keep you stagnant.
By letting them go you leave room for new possibly greater outcomes.
Worry is the number one roadblock! And sometimes or in my case most times these negatives are intertwined with the positives and hold you back. So, Stop worrying, Drop trying to control, Roll with what ever comes next. You will continue to make or take the steps to do what is necessary but maybe just maybe your control needs to be released and allow for that next door of opportunity to open up for what is right and needed in your life now.
So, don’t just linger on the couch waiting, keep active, move one small bit at a time but clear your mind. Worry is deceitful, it lies to you, it tries to make you think that you are not a warrior, a force in this world. But, I know better and you should too. 100% Yes 100% you have conquered! Everyday you wake to a new dawn you are a gold medalist from the previous day. Remain proud, positive and optimistic that whatever is coming is coming in your favor and for your good.
~that is all, plus a cup of strong coffee😍

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