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May 24, 2017

Within some of these writings you may find things that I have formed a personal opinion about, some I have or may in the future be compensated for writing about, but that will not affect my unbridled honesty. I’ve laid out on the table all my hurts, blood, gore and my wish for an end to my personal suffering in these pages, so I will not waste a breath or stroke of my fingers across the keyboard to produce untruths for some pittance. Any words herein are an expression of my own thoughts at the time and since I am a woman, it is possible that the next time we connect I will have changed my stance on any or all particular topics (especially if it’s that time of the month). No one else can be held responsible for my thoughts and since I can not perform telepathy I am not responsible for anything that happens as a result of your absorbing my words.

I pride myself in being honest, just ask my teenager – she is so tired of me talking about what a painful experience my first sexual encounter was. Or about my most embarrassing moment learning to insert a tampon at school and needed help when well… you get my drift. I’m not out to hurt, and I will only give opinions that are factually based on my usage in my home.

So, to be clear, concise and totally transparent I will provide links to products that I have actually used and found to be of substance to me. If you purchase from the use of my link I may be given a stipend, discount, up to a freebie of some sort. My goal is that eventually, the blog will produce enough revenue to support itself, I’m a single mom and this blog is like a third child always asking me for this or that.  As a novice, the return for me may be small but one day, yes I am claiming the big dreams – I may receive some lavish sponsorship.

Read and enjoy at your own risk.

And by the way, I will never, ever, never, ever share any of your information you share with me. If you agree and provide me with your email address  I will only use it to send content not available to general users.

All content displayed in Not So Sympl Treasures pages is shared for informational purposes only. Photographs displayed are copy written and owned by Not So Sympl Treasures unless otherwise noted. If an image that belongs to you is within and prefer it not to appear on this blog, please send a message using the contact form.

All personal images displayed cannot be used without the sole permission of Not So Sympl Treasures. Images must have a link back to this blog www.syrigerstner.com as the cited source. These terms and conditions of use are may change without notice.

Thank you!

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