Fondue for Finicky Tweens

June 5, 2017

Date night for the last 13 years has been with the same delightful couple of girls, my daughters Kahlyn and Kori. This weekend was filled with yard work, house cleaning, and picking up donations from charming new donor Backpacks 4 Kids AZ 

After all that work we needed a treat date, as we traveled from the west valley back home to the east we thought about what would be a great new experience and I remembered an Insta post about Elf Fondue. My girls are usually open to trying new things and they shared their enthusiasm with their companions Bea and Kam that joined us for a weekend of work and swimming fun. With the consensus being thumbs up for trying fondue we headed over to Gilbert to try out the delicious looking snacks and sweets.
When we arrived at Elf Fondue, the girls were so excited and we piled into the restaurant with high energy and giggles. The esthetics were adorable and my brood took notice to all the artwork on the walls, they were made from the treats that were being devoured at our table. It is an adorable cozy spot, with outdoor seating available. It is bright and cheery and the sincere smiles and banter between everyone including one adorable 3-year-old patron that advised me of all her sister’s wrong doings, her personal preferences, and family data while I attempted to order the entire menu. I must say that trying to get all four of my girls to agree on anything over the course of the weekend was extremely difficult. So of course, we just ordered a bit of everything!

Our lovely counter attendant was so kind and explained all our options. We went with a smorgasbord of cheddar and swiss cheese, veggies, pretzels and taquitos (fried little-rolled tacos, which I’ve never had until this day. I honestly almost voted the down because I believed they were the spicy corn chips my girls are enamored with). We also included a milk chocolate tray with strawberries, rice crispy treats, churros, marshmallows, Oreos, pineapples and Choux à la crème! Come on what more needs to be said. 
It was such a pleasure and the service so nice, this is an excellent place to take the family. Believe me when I tell you that even the little ones will enjoy their broccoli dipped in scrumptious Swiss cheese. I loved our food adventure and above all my girls have been exposed to one more new taste experience. Walked away with a win for all 4 tweens. Thank you @ elf_fondue see you again (holds punch card close to my heart, love that I will earn free snacks too). 


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