Hi, My Name is Kori

June 7, 2017

I’m eleven years old this year. I live in Arizona with my mother Syri and my thirteen-year-old sister Kahlyn, I have two little dogs named Sparkle and Diente. We adopted Diente two years ago when we bought our house. He only has one tooth but he can eat very well anyway. I wish that I could have a llama, I think they are cute and fluffy.  When we were homeless my mom promised that one day I would have my own castle with my own room, yeah no more sharing a room with my sister. Mom fulfilled her promise to me two years ago on May 29th 2015. My favorite color is purple and mom bought me some pretty purple paint for my bedroom. She has not painted it yet but she says she will eventually. Mom says I am very patient because she has been saying she will paint it for six months.

I am very excited that I will be going into the 6th grade this year, I had much better grades than my sister so she has to attend summer school. My favorite thing to do is to go camping and eating new foods. I would literally eat anything at least once. I wanted to try octopus and mom said yes when I asked, she also tasted it with me. I think she is really brave. Mom always takes me to see new places, hiking and exploring nearby places around our home state. I would like to travel to different places around the world so I will be ready when I grow up to see other planets as an astronaut. I would like my first trip overseas to be Paris so I can make mom try snails!

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