Love At First Sight On A Cruise Ship

October 2, 2016

As I was completing a long day of Ubering people around for much-needed additional income. I met a wonderful couple. Cathy and Mark an east valley couple headed to a friend’s birthday party in the west valley. Eureka! I hit the traveling jackpot, a 60 mile fare was definitely what I needed to influx the family financial fund.

This couple was engaging, friendly and open. They told me all about their wonderful elderly neighbor Bill, who waved hello to me as I was slowly driving past his home in search of the correct pick up address for them – can I just say that addresses and street signs should be larger and clearer! it is infuriating as a ride-share provider not to be able to see addresses. They told me about their close friends birthday bash, they were attending, background info and so much more. What a great couple they were to have for such a long trip.
But, let me continue on to the best topic discussed during our ride. These two magnificent, lovely people found each other on a cruise ship. Cathy’s story made me a tad bit sad at first, she explained that she was a widow, had given up on the dating scene after a list of failed dates via internet sites. She exclaimed how difficult it was to weed through all the deceitful and down right obscure profile pages that people would put up, in hopes of attracting a genuine and beautiful person such as herself (my opinion, cause she really is beautiful inside and out). Mark dropped his profile after only 4 months of searching. Mark said that photo shop was used far too often and people were not what they portrayed themselves in print.

Cathy was on the cruise with her mother, father, siblings and best friend. Mark on the other hand had gone with his other bachelor buddies just to have a guys trip. Fun fun either scenario. This is where it gets good, at the onset of the trip they just happened to bump into each other and the conversation lead to more conversation, which lead to Mark meeting her entire family in the very first few days of their budding friendship. The two decided to remain in contact and through the months they traveled long distances to visit each other.

I always dream that love at first sight is possible, but never seen it first hand. Movies are my only reference and of course as a loveaholic I hold dear these types of movies. But, right now I have a real life love story here in my midst, I am so excited!

While on the cruise, Cathy and Mark found they had so much in common. like their love of Disco, as they danced the night away at one of the ships themed party’s. The party favors included glowing necklaces and rings. Everyone went back to their rooms with some of each. On a visit to Marks home in New York, Cathy brought her mementos with her, one of those glowing rings. After her departure Mark noticed that she had forgotten to take it with her.

Mark put the ring aside, thinking he would return it to Cathy on their next meeting. While preparing for their next meeting Mark decided that Cathy was his world and wanted to spend the remainder of his days with her and not so far apart. He knew it was meant to be. They often chatted about their future together.

Mark decided that he would propose and the back drop of his proposal would be on a cruise ship, he set everything up perfectly. He invited her family and friends that were on their initial voyage together. Once on the ship they went to a party and began to dance, dance, dance, as the evening progressed an unaware Cathy was surprised to find Mark getting down on one knee and holding up a glowing ring (Yep! – he sure did use that ring from their first chance meeting-How sweet!)
Very emotional but wholeheartedly ready to take the plunge with Mark, Cathy said yes in front of all their family, friends and spectators. On that cruise ship one year from the date that they met by chance, these two beautiful people tied the knot. cruise-ship-shot-2-1401482

It was an amazing conversation, it was a beautiful, story, they are a fabulous couple and over ten years into their marriage,they seem like a giddy teen loves. I will be high off their Love story for days, I am blessed to have had this encounter and I am pleased to see that love at first sight is real.

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