Quick and Delicious Quiche Even The Kids Will Love

May 24, 2017

Ok, the kids wake up Saturday morning (almost afternoon) and the first complaint I hear is I am soooo hungry! And I think to myself “then get to cooking sister”! Then I hear there is nothing to eat! And I think to myself  “What do you think this is Wal-Mart”?

For a brief moment, I give in to the notion that I must prepare a meal for the kids who wake up around 11:00 AM after a Friday evening of binge-watching old episodes of Once Upon A Time. Then a lightning bolt hits me in the eyeball – and I realize these kids are Not 2 years old anymore and they can contribute to making a family meal. Why should I do all the work around here?recipe-3

I open the fridge and Damn It! that thirteen-year-old was correct there is not much in the fridge, the pantry or anywhere else I think I might find food lingering around. Luckily the last place I would have imagined looking; the freezer has a few items tucked away in the back. One of those is Bratwurst, then I remember the eggs, butter, & onion from my fridge investigation & from the pantry flour, salt, a can of potatoes and bam! it comes to me. We have all the makings of a Quiche but oh how do I get that passed these finicky kids?! I search the good ol’ internet to find out how to make a fairly plain Quiche and then I tell the girls we will be making an egg pie for breakfast. I paused in fear that they would both give me the thumbs down on the idea – but to my surprise they both exclaimed excrecipe-4itement. Whew, thank goodness cause the ingredients we had around the house were definitely not going to turn into anything of real substance singularly.

Now, in preparation for cooking our Gerstner Girl special brunch “egg pie” (aka Quiche – but don’t tell the girls) I found a few more ingredients that we threw in as well. I’ll be sure to add the ingredients list just in case anyone wants to try it out. But, remember this is so easy and you can add whatever comes to mind or if your case is similar to mine and you find out at the last minute that you really should have gone grocery shopping with your last paycheck 10 days ago, anything you feel that will be well paired together on your taste buds works fine.


  1.  9 Eggs
  2. Sour cream
  3. Cream cheeserecipe-2
  4. Red onion & green onion
  5. Tomatoes
  6. Bratwurst
  7. Potatoes
  8. Spinach
  9. Evaporated milk
  10. Salt & Pepperrecipe-1
  11. Oreganorecipe-5
  12. Parsley
  13. Mrs. Dash all-purpose seasoning no salt
  14. Grated cheese
  15. Pie crust (we made ours home-made but if you have a pre-made one available for use it is easier).


  • Now beat the eggs within an inch of their life – oh that’s for the kids, not the eggs. **Obviously joking not really gonna beat the kids recipe-6but who knows I haven’t had an adult vacation in a long time!
  • Add the condensed milk, sour cream and or cream cheese (both in this scenario because I had little of each) to th 9 eggs & whisk (aka beat)
  • Chop onion (about half of it)
  • Cut 1 tomato & potatoes into bite-sized pieces
  • Mix seasonings (to your specific taste) and add to eggs
  • Remove bratwurst from casing and brown (ensure it’s fully cooked) – drain fat by placing in a bowl with clean paper towel
  • Pour all these ingredients into your completed pie crust pour egg mixture ensure full coverage
  • Bake uncovered for 40 mins at 350 degrees
  • NOTE**When complete lie to the kids and say it is egg pie & they will clean their plates ~Smiles





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