Quick Steps To Starting Your Blog

May 21, 2017

So, you’ve been considering starting a blog. You wrestle back and forth and realize that now you are ready to share your voice, experiences & love with the world or maybe just family and friends that are a distance from you. Here I have compiled the initial quick and easy steps to making your dream a reality. There are affiliate links provided below for your convenience. If you should choose to make a purchase through my referral #Affiliate links provided you will be supporting Not So Sympl Treasures with no additional cost to you. The affiliate will provide me with a commission from your purchase, that allows me to continue to run Not So Sympl treasures blog. Thanks so much for your support.

  1. Blog name
  2. Hosting site
  3. Platform
  4. Domain name
  5. Design Theme
  6. Now add pages & place in your favorite content, stories, & photos
  7. Have fun!

Choose A Name

That represents who you are and the message you are trying to convey. It should be a name that encompasses the mission of your blog (how you add value to your community/target reader life). Note this will usually will be the same as your Domain name. Keep it simple and catchy. Most hosting sites will help you check for availability of your preferred name.

Decide on a Host site 

I choose to go with a paid hosting site Bluehost on the referral of established bloggers who understood that I needed something very easy to maneuver around, set up and that I wanted to be on track to accomplish my end goal of growing my audience and monetize my blog in order for it to eventually pay for itself. Using a paid site enables me to work on my longer-term goal of earning a sustainable income through blogging full-time. To take advantage of  Bluehost specials on web hosting click the banner below.

Once you have decided on your host, sign-in following the directions provided in the welcome email. With the Bluehost set up, they easily complete with one click or its automatic. You will also have easy systematic instructions to connect to the highly used and powerful WordPress platform application. If you should encounter any issues, the Bluehost team is there to step in and assist at no additional charge. That’s the main reason for my support of them, their customer service moved me. They took all the guesswork out of getting my site up and running properly and made me feel important to them.


There are a multitude of paid and free options click the link to review details about your options with Blogger Platforms

Do you want to use a free service or are you able and inclined to purchase a paid service? Knowing what you would like to accomplish with your blog is an important factor here. Thinking about all the dynamics that brought you to want to share your stories, mission, and expertise. What does the future look like? Consider here if blogging will be your hobby, communicate with long distance family and friends or an outlet to share your creativity with whoever comes across it. You also must be mindful of your budget, starting a blog could potentially need a line of its own in your budget.

Now the fun part, Choosing Your Theme.

WordPress will offer a plethora of free pretty themes to choose from that are very easy to configure, spicing up your website. Some of their themes are customizable with Code, that word scares me, LOL. But, you can find a plethora of information on any subject, sometimes a step-by-step video as well. I will be adding videos in the future to assist beginners. If you would like a thorough explanation on any of these steps, please sign up to receive The Not So Sympl Treasures newsletter. Get custom instructions and answers to your probing question, sign up here


Don’t be afraid to do this if you are aspiring to monetize or at the least want your blog to cover its own expenses. Maybe you are like me and enjoy the thrill of diving headfirst into the unknown of your passions. Whatever your goal I assure that you want to take the leap of faith in monetizing and be confident in the fact that you should have a platform that does not require you to move to a paid format in the future. Having to shuffle from a free site to a self-hosting paid site could lead to loss of content and time wasted while sites are down during the transition.

Yeah, you want to Monetize your blog? If this is the case then please do this early on. You can read quick tips on how to set up to earn money with your blog allowing it to potentially pay for itself by clicking here.

Best Of  Luck

Now that you have set up the simple website and are ready to rock-n- roll with your moving content, be prepared for all the learning, upgrading, changing and adding integrated media, video, social networks, etc You’ve stepped onto the never ending train of learning, embrace it (well hold on tight is more like it). Good luck!

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