Setting Up For Success 

May 24, 2017

In any business having optimal tools like a powerful laptop is necessary to complete tasks in a timely and professional manner. Below you will see affiliate links to items I’m passionate about. As I learn all the ins and outs of blogging, I’ve compiled a list of important resources and tools that I had to invest in straight away.

  • Journal
  • Graphing paper
  • Markers
  • Colored pens
  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Website
  • Tripod and lights
  • Premium plug-ins
  • General Office supplies
  • Push pin boards
  • PO Box
  • Business bank account
  • Office decor
  • Sound buffering pads
  • External Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Add the list is growing as I learn

Hands down my favorite at the moment is my new computer. While in the store talking to the sales person he mentioned that before I turned my device on that I needed to allow it to get a full charge. Wait! What the hell, I have to wait for hours with this shiny new silver laptop gleaming and beckoning me to take it for a test run?!?

My better self decided that the professional was probably knowledgeable and only cared about the best interest of my device functioning. Either that or he’s a sadist that was secretly enjoying my pain as I waited for the battery charging light to turn green on my sleek new computer.  Damn him!
I was able to restrain myself and I eagerly powered up as soon as the green light gave me the go ahead. I’ve been nonstop ever since. Maybe a few winks here and there but the power and speed of my HP Envy with Intel core i7 is pretty darn amazing for me. My previous laptop well lets ujust say it was behind the times by probably 4i’s. 

Having this upgraded power in my possession allows me to have multiple windows open at the same time for investigating my niche and other pertinent resources that will catapult my knowledge base. I’m extremely happy with my choice and the larger screen makes it easier on my eyes and the illuminated keyboard allows me to work into the night. The one thing I probably would add to this baby is a self-prep coffee dispenser. Oh la la now that’s power.

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