Shaking Up Is Hard To Do!

May 1, 2017

When a thought arises & the feeling gurgle and bubble inside your brain about a subject. That rush of heat that fills your body can be overwhelming. I’m not sure what to do with all these jumbled words. My mind is a constant whirlwind of ideas, opportunities, and information. But, alas is anyone listening, reading, or feeling? As I write and read ferociously about blogging, I find that my interest is supposed to fit into a group of like-minded or same experience having people. Where is my group, my virtual family who knows the struggle of learning to live beyond the humdrum, never accepting that you are what you experienced in your past? That glowing heart of optimism for each new day no, each new moment! The happiness from within is one of the most tumultuous struggles I have ever encountered and they are the most rewarding as well. Any good relationship, even the one with yourself must begin with an inventory of the things that you want, you aspire to and need. I want to live a life of accomplishment, did I see my girls smile, have I reared them to be thoughtful, strong, educated young ladies; Respectful of themselves and others? That’s what I want, I need and desire.

I hope that I have been an example to my daughters, or at least am showing them that even when you fall, fail, mess up ~find your balance – health, wealth, emotional, & perspective. Get back up, dust off the pain by replacing it with intentional happiness and regain your self-worth. Show up, “Be” present in the moment, no matter how difficult it may seem. You never get the opportunity to relive a previous moment. Share the love of life and be the model, well at least give it you are all.

#inspirational #YOUniqueness #Fighter #Survivor #LiveLoveLaugh and eat lots of divine culinary treats!


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