The Sister Experience

June 23, 2017


How fun is it that I get to share in a blog with my sister.  AWESOME SAUCE!!! I was so elated when my sister invited me to join her blog. This lady is my amazing H.E.R.O………..

Her HUMBLING spirit is enough to teach the world that no matter what you go through in life, you have to stay focused. Even when you’re down to nothing you have to stay focused. When you have more than enough, you have to stay focused. I am honored to say that I know someone like her. I have seen my sister go through life’s ups and downs and kick butt as if she wanted a championship title. She is more than a conqueror.

She sets EXAMPLES for her children. They “say” there was never a book written on parenting a child, but every time I find my way to a social media page of hers……. I tend to think that she mysteriously found this book and hid it somewhere so she could have it all to herself.

She is RESILIENT. I told you that in life you have to stay focused. Even when she was at the lowest of lows, she withstood it. She took that on her back, dealt with it, believed she would be delivered from it and eventually she recovered from it.

I know you’re like, “Now Aja why are you blogging about your sister, we want to hear about you or read a nice poem, or learn how to make your famous “better than sex” cake. Well, we’ll talk about me another time. I want you all to know just how strong this woman is!

My sister is OBEDIENT! Most people would be ashamed to share their stories, their lives, their triumphs with the world. I am a person of strong faith and I believe that she was doing what she was led to do by the most high GOD! I believe that obedience is better than sacrifice. She has sacrificed herself, as well as her privacy to share and to help someone else by giving a personal testimony of success. FROM HOMELESS TO HOMEOWNER speaks volumes. Can you imagine someone going through having nothing and still having to keep your mind? Well, my sister did it. Was it hard? I’m sure! Were there some emotional nights? Absolutely! Was there victory in the Valley? Indeed it was and my sister, YOU are the example of that victory.

I remember when we decided to start the platform called “The Sister Experience” via social media. We talked about being a blessing to women, and just creating a plateau for women to uplift and encourage one another. (Look at you now) So, I have entitled my first blog after that Platform. Because my sister has Experienced Trial and Triumph and she is now uplifting and encouraging on a larger platform.  Forget wonder woman Syri Gerstner is MY HERO!!!!!

Ok, Ok……. You can stop your sappy crying now 🙂


By Aja Trotter

I am an extrovert! I sometimes over analyze and can be extremely serious. Nonetheless, I'm very outgoing and fun to be around. I'm a cancer.. Go figure :-)

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